Welcome to my Website!

This is a paragraph! I will write other paragraphs soon!

I spend a lot of time taking pictures, writing hiking and generally being a dork.

I will start making webpages soon! Many more pictures! My first fanfom page is up! It's got pictures from Kane shows in Portland. When Leverage was filming here I took lots of pictures at Kane shows. I've tossed some of the better ones up on My Christian Kane Page

My second fandom pacge is up. It's got Random Supernatural Related Photos of mine.

I will have many more pages up soon!. In the meantime, my main photography website is here. If you particularly liket creepy things, I particularly reccomend my gallery of Portland Mausoleum pictures. If you like trains I have a gallery of pictures I've taken from trains. I also have lots of landcapes like these pictures of Crater Lake.

If you want to ask me about using any of these pictures for fan lore or fandom history related projects, go to my photography website to find the best way to contact me.

Here is a picture I took: